The Great Migration

Welcome to the new Nikon Kidd website! This is my third redesign in as many years, but I am super happy with how this is all coming together. I’ve moved from Wix, to Squarespace, to Showit, and this is my favorite platform so far. Showit seems to combine everything I like about the customization in Wix, with the flexibility and SEO of Squarespace. Plus, I can use it with WordPress, which is a huge help while blogging.

Bear with me while I finish up the long and tedious process of transferring all of my old content and blog posts to the new platform. They’ll be done soon!

Fayetteville Arkansas Wedding Photography. Taken on Dickson Street at the Garden Room

  1. Mike Quain

    May 24th, 2018 at 11:01 pm

    Guess what? The comments work!

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