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If you're like me, you've worked your share of low-paying gigs. We all did when we started photography. We made $50 here and there doing portraits for our friends, or maybe even earned $250 for a family wedding. Now that we're established, these prices are laughable! Yet, some very well established photographers still pay pitiful money to their second shooters.

This happens for one of two reasons: They're either cheap, or they can't find anyone experienced. This union attempts to fix both of those problems. 

There are no dues. This is a directory of established photographers willing to second shoot weddings for a minimum of $50 an hour. Each member of the union must have proper equipment, a stunning portfolio, and a decent amount of experience. If you pass, you're on the list! The list may be accessed via the accompanying Facebook page.

The idea is that wedding photographers, anywhere in the world, will have a list of wonderful second shooters to choose from. In return, those second shooters will be paid a fair wage. 

We're just starting out. Let's see if this works!

Visit the associated Facebook group to view out list, post jobs, or get hired:


Second Shooter's Application

Let's get started!

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