I'm Mike Quain, The Nikon Kidd. I hope you like my photos.

Since this is a bio, let me start with how I got my name. In 2014 I did what many of us dream of doing. I quit my job stocking shelves overnight at Walmart, bought a $700 van, and set out for the west coast. In the beginning I didn't have much of a plan, other than to street perform with guitar and mandolin for gas and food money along the way. Things just seemed to work out. I perfected my street mandolin skills and even found a dog along the way!

My 1985 Ford Econoline in Rocky Mountain National Park

Soon, I began meeting the most wonderful people. Fellow travelers, hitchhikers, street performers, and even just townsfolk who stopped to help me keep my van running. The kindness of these people just astounded me, and their stories even moreso. The more miles I covered the more I fell in love with them and their stories. I needed a way to document what I saw. I saved my money until I could buy my first camera, a Nikon D3300 with a 35mm lens. 

Man, I loved that camera. I had it with me at all times and was constantly experimenting, reading books, and watching tutorials on how to improve my photography. My camera was covered in dew, frozen over, and dropped off freight trains, but it survived. I wore the buttons off that camera. I even wrote a Petapixel article about it. 

My love of photography, people, and adventure brought me here. I've since upgraded cameras and now drive a van with a few less rust holes, but I've still got that adventurous spirit and love for telling stories.

Let me tell yours.

Ese, my dog, eating playing with corn in the desert

My original Nikon D3300