The Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

May 25, 2018

Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota   This post is under construction due to the website redesign. I’ll get to it soon!


If you like to regularly check up on my blog, you might have been disappointed this year. I haven’t posted since January! Wow! The reason why is this: I’ve been designing a brand new, even prettier website. It’s far from finished, but you can check out the progress here: I’ve been planning this switch for […]

Why I haven’t been making any more blog posts

May 24, 2018


Claudia + Ricky – A Costa Rican Wedding

April 3, 2018

When I started photographing as The Nikon Kidd back in 2014, I never thought I would have an opportunity like this one. I was invited to Costa Rica to shoot one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. As far as destination weddings go, you can’t get much better than this! I arrived a few […]


This year was such a big one for me. It was my first year in which my photography and writing were my only form of income, which is always a huge leap to make while starting your own business. It was a jump headfirst into the deep end, but guess what? I did well for myself! […]

My Nine Best Photos of 2017

January 1, 2018


Cassie + Danny – Flatside Vista, Arkansas Engagement

November 13, 2017

Wow! What a day! Cassie and Danny picked the perfect location for their shoot – The Flatside Wilderness near Ola, Arkansas. We hiked up a little trail to a point called Flatside Vista. It was so beautiful, and the lighting was perfect for my style of photography. The clouds brought out all that great fall […]


Happy. Happy is the best way to describe Jade and Ariel. They drove down from Springfield, Missouri to celebrate three years as a couple and run around the Ozarks. For our shoot we settled on Twin (or Triple) Falls in the Ponca area near the Buffalo River in Arkansas. It’s a beautiful location all year […]

Jade + Ariel – Twin Falls Couple’s Shoot

October 24, 2017


Lake Avalon Spillway After A Thunderstorm

September 17, 2016

After the heavy rains yesterday I decided to go take a photo of another waterfall. This time I drove over to the Lake Avalon Spillway. It was really flowing! The scene was very chaotic, with water flowing in every direction, but I did my best to arrange it in a manner pleasing to the eye.  […]


Bella Vista, Arkansas is a town with lots of lovely waterfalls that are an absolute joy to photograph after a good rainstorm. I had to scramble down an embankment, camera gear in tow, but the end result was so worth that extra effort. This photo was taken late afternoon with overcast skies and a one […]

Lake Ann Falls – Bella Vista, Arkansas

September 15, 2016


Is A Full Frame Upgrade Worth The Extra Money

August 29, 2016

After playing around with the D610 for a few days, here are my thoughts on upgrading to a full frame: You hear photographers talk about the benefits of a full frame constantly: better low light performance, better lenses, better autofocus, and higher image quality. While I’ve found these things to be true, I haven’t seen […]


This is my pup, Ese. She’s been with me through thick and thin.

Happy #NationalDogDay!

August 27, 2016



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