Kristin & Taylor – Bella Vista Engagement

February 26, 2017

Kristin and Taylor are great friends of mine. We both attended Arkansas Tech University at the same time and were part of the Arkansas Tech Band of Distinction. The marching band really became a close-knit family for me during school I remain close friends with many members even now. Kristin plays saxophone, and Taylor is […]


Pillar Of Fire Creations is a Bella Vista, Arkansas company that produces these beautiful concrete fire pits. They’re powered via propane and burn clean, without smoke. They’re also hand casted by the Walters family, which I thought was especially cool. We took one of these fire pits down to the local creek to take some […]

Pillar Of Fire – Adventures in Commercial Photography

February 1, 2017


Traci & Nick – Tanyard Creek Engagement

January 25, 2017

I’m not sure exactly how Traci & Nick found me, since they live and will be married near Springfield, Missouri, but I’m glad they did! They checked all the boxes I look for in a bride and groom: Fun-loving, not afraid to get the dress dirty, and adventurous. As a bonus, they brought their daughter, […]


Lularoe Fashion Shoot Fayetteville, Arkansas While I don’t usually shoot fashion, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Juli Fitchue as she builds her Lularoe franchise. I had lots of creative opportunities on this one, and Juli was a wonderful model to work with! I think that freedom really comes through in the photos. […]

Juli – Lularoe Photoshoot

December 7, 2016


Caitlin Smith – Graphic Designer

November 29, 2016

  I always sort of looked up to Caitlin while we were in school together for her awesome graphic design at Caitlin Smith Designs, LLC. That’s probably why I was so stoked when she asked me to shoot some photos for her website! It’s really great how the creatives I know from Arkansas Tech have […]


You wouldn’t believe how happy I was when longtime friends of mine, Steven & Shelby, asked me to take some beautiful couple’s photos together in Tanyard Creek Park, Bella Vista. The park has a great variety of attractions for a young photographer; walking trails, golden fields, a waterfall, and even a cave! Needless to say, […]

Steven & Shelby at Tanyard Creek

November 2, 2016


Amanda and Michael – Eureka Springs, Arkansas Elopement

October 7, 2016

Eureka Springs Elopement – Basin Park Eureka Springs, Arkansas is one of my dream cities to photograph in. The town, nested deep in the Ozark Mountains, was founded in the late 1800’s as work of it’s miraculous, healing waters spread. It quickly became renowned for its beautiful architecture, parks, and winding mountain roads. The entire […]


After the heavy rains yesterday I decided to go take a photo of another waterfall. This time I drove over to the Lake Avalon Spillway. It was really flowing! The scene was very chaotic, with water flowing in every direction, but I did my best to arrange it in a manner pleasing to the eye.  […]

Lake Avalon Spillway After A Thunderstorm

September 17, 2016


Lake Ann Falls – Bella Vista, Arkansas

September 15, 2016

Bella Vista, Arkansas is a town with lots of lovely waterfalls that are an absolute joy to photograph after a good rainstorm. I had to scramble down an embankment, camera gear in tow, but the end result was so worth that extra effort. This photo was taken late afternoon with overcast skies and a one […]


Last night in Bella Vista we had a bit of a freak thunderstorm with heavy, heavy rain. Thunder was clapping directly overhead and we had a flash flood watch. I saw that the light looked just right, so I loaded up the van and drove over to Tanyard Creek Nature Trail to take waterfall photos.  […]

Tanyard Creek Falls – Bella Vista, Arkansas

September 10, 2016



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